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The Future of Construction Site Protection

Asset protection from Ajax Systems
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Do you protect the assets of clients in the construction industry? The industry not only suffers from petty theft, it is now also in the sights of unscrupulous groups. Ajax Systems teamed up with a partner in the United Kingdom to bring an autonomous, mobile and accurate intrusion detection system that includes camera surveillance for the construction industry. The Safer Pod S1 takes site protection for construction to a new level. Talk to us about your needs for the protection of commercial assets.
Your clients may be looking for security solutions with easy and flexible installation, autonomy, notifications, monitoring and options that work in difficult environments. More often than not, one or more of these factors have to be sacrificed. However, Ajax has worked to provide products that can do it all. Talk to us about products that meet multiple needs and perform in a wide range of spheres.
We keep up with the latest global technological trends when it comes to security. With brands like Ajax, you too can experience top of the range products and deliver quality and security to your clients. Stay ahead of the market with NAT Security.

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