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Protecting Farmers with Uniview in South Africa 

Surveillance, Automatic Tracking and Night Vision for Farmers
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Farmers in South Africa face a range of security challenges that can have a significant impact on their livelihoods and safety, such as farm attacks, stock theft and rural crime. In spite of efforts to combat crime in the farming sector, there is the perception that crime stats will more than likely be on the rise. As a distributor, reseller or installer, the Uniview IPC9312LFW-AF28-2X4 LightHunter Dual-lens Network PTZ camera is a high-performance security camera that can be used for farmers in South Africa. This will enhance the farmers security measures and counter threats. Here are some features of camera that are beneficial:
1. Surveillance: The Uniview LightHunter camera can be used to monitor the farm, including fields, livestock pens, and buildings, to detect any suspicious activity. The camera’s dual-lens feature allows for both wide-angle and zoomed-in views, providing farmers with a comprehensive view of their property. Additionally, the 4X optical zoom of PTZ channel also allows for closer viewing of subjects for more accurate evaluations. The camera offers high quality images with 2MP, ½ 8” CMOS sensors and a surveillance view of 1920*1080 @25fps in the main stream.

2. Automatic tracking: The camera’s PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) function allows it to automatically track moving objects within its field of view, making it an effective tool for detecting potential threats and capturing evidence of criminal activity. The PTZ channel can be linked by fixed channel smart intrusion prevention to track suspicious activity and minimise false alarms. This Uniview camera offers up to 120 dB optical WDR to enhance farming security solutions by giving a wider view. This will offer farmers more precise motion detection, modal comparison and target identification. 

3. Night vision: The LightHunter camera’s resolution of 2MP allows for clear and detailed images even in low-light conditions, which is particularly useful for monitoring the farm during the night. The cameras in this range are equipped with IR and warm light illumination to deal with different scenes and achieve full-colour illumination across the monitored farm lands. These cameras’ use a DC12V or PoE+(IEEE 802.3AT) power supply, 2 built-in mics and high-power speakers to ensure and enhanced night vision and surveillance ability even in the most difficult conditions. 

Allow your farming clients to view security in a new light. Contact our sales team at NAT Security to place your order now. 

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