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Wondering what was unveiled at Ajax Special Event?

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A new approach to privacy

Showcasing the latest devices and software features

Towards the end of 2023, Ajax Systems hosted the fifth Ajax Special Event, an online showcase of the latest devices and new software features.

Starting 8 years ago with the motivation of the global intrusion market, the company is now expanding by adding new product verticals to its portfolio. Ajax has introduced new cutting-edge CCTV products with a different approach to privacy. Contact our team to explore the latest security solutions.

Entering the high-security market

Significant enhancements and product updates

Ajax has introduced significant enhancements to its Intrusion and Fire Portfolio.

These advancements demonstrate a deeper dive into the high-security market, while also revealing some more substantial updates to the Fire product series. Consistent with Ajax’s drive for innovation, they have integrated collaborations with other industry giants – making their products more reliable and effective. Ajax has demonstrated how innovative wired communication can modernise old, inconvenient security systems. Talk to our team and find out how you can benefit from these world-class enhancements.

Now meeting Grade 3 standards!

Poised to reshape industry benchmarks

NAT Security aligns with Ajax which aims to bring the best engineering practices and the best user experience.

The first product group includes the Baseline. This product line focuses on Jeweller devices: intrusion protection, fire safety, protection against leaks, automation, comfort, and productivity. The second large group hosts products for bigger projects. These are the devices from the Fibra and Superior lines, which meet many industry standards and are available to accredited partners. Gain access to quality products with NAT Security.

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