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Uniview Tri-Guard camera with integrated SIP

Guardian at night
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In the traditional security industry, conventional IP cameras face challenges such as too many false alarms triggered by objects like leaves, birds or dogs. You also only get the alert after the event has happened or no alert if there is a lack of information because it is too dark. As a reseller, distributor or installer, you understand the importance of high-quality cameras for the security industry. Uniview Tri-Guard technology integrates Smart Intrusion Prevention (SIP), Colorhunter and Active Deterrence. It is designed to prevent crimes at night, it not only alerts when events happen, but also gives colour information in low-light environments. Contact NAT Security for more information.

Smart intrusion prevention significantly reduces false alarms caused by leaves, birds and lights to accurately focus on humans and vehicles. This makes them a more efficient and reliable security option for your clients. The smart LEDs’ automatic adjustment functionality prevents over exposure and the 2 warm LED’s further compliment light distance. ColorHunter IP cameras use warm LED’s that are friendly to human eyes. The dual way talk function helps the guards to monitor and control more areas at a time. The Uniview Tri-Guard series has a powerful built in speaker and built in mic. Visit NAT Security’s website to view the Uniview Tri-Guard range.

Uniview Tri-Guard cameras are equipped with advanced video analytics capabilities that enable perimeter protection features. These cameras can detect and alert on various events such as line crossing region entrance/exit, and object removal, helping to enhance the security of a monitored area. Uniview Tri-Guard cameras also have active deterrence features like built-in sirens, strobe lights and two-way audio communication. When triggered by specific events or alerts, these cameras can emit audible warnings, flash bright lights, or allow operators to communicate with individuals on-site, providing an active response to potential threats. Contact NAT Security for a quotation.

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