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Do you have clients in the retail sector? The South African retail industry is the second largest employer in the country, second only to the Government. The successful and growing industry has become a target for theft, shoplifting, armed robbery and card cloning. Offer a retail security solution that can further enhance the retail market with Uniview. View their product range on our website and place your order.
Uniview retail security solutions improve security, reduce losses, and enhance the shopping experience. As one of the leading global manufacturers of video surveillance products and solutions you can assure your clients quality. Uniview WDR Fixed Dome and Starlight cameras are excellent choices for the retail sector. If you need to , blind spots or outdoor spaces we have a wide range to choose from. The Uniview Fixed Dome comes with a 2MP resolution, a ½.8” CMOS sensor and smart IP with a range of up to 30m. Some of Uniview’s cameras feature advanced motion detection technology help retailers detect suspicious behaviour and prevent we have smart cameras and analytics you can set up for your clients. Join us at our next training session so you can learn about all the solutions you can offer your retail clients.
The Uniview Fisheye and Mini Bullet cameras can be suitable for your clients’ shopping areas. The Uniview 4Mp Fisheye IP Dome camara is kitted out with a 180-degree view and smart IR with a maximum distance of 10m. The 8Mp Mini Bullet comes with 4.0mm fixed lens and smart IR. These Uniview retail security solutions feature facial recognition technology which can help identify shoplifters or potential threats. This technology can also be used to track customer behaviour and identify shopping patterns, allowing retailers to make informed decisions about merchandising and marketing. 
Uniview’s solutions are a powerful tool for your retail clients looking to improve their security and operations. View the Uniview product range on our website and place your order.

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