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Offer your clients vandal resistant CCTV cameras in high-risk areas.

Uniview 4MP vandal resistant network camera.
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Looking for a camera that can withstand physical abuse whilst still providing reliable surveillance footage?

Uniview offers robust, high quality fixed dome cameras.

The Uniview IPC324LE-DSF28(40)K-G vandal resistant fixed dome cameras are built to withstand harsh conditions, including physical impacts, vandalism attempts, and adverse weather conditions.

The Easystar technology ensures high image quality in low illumination environments. These 4K fixed dome cameras supports smart IR for night vision of up to 30M as well as digital noise reduction, ensuring clear and detailed footage day or night. The Uniview 4MP is has a IP67 protection rating and is IK10 vandal resistant. Visit our shop and speak to one of our product specialists.

Offer your clients a versatile vandal resistant camera for both indoor and outdoor use.

The perfect solution for commercial use!

The Uniview IPC324LE-DSF28(40)K-G 4MP Fixed dome cameras are suitable for monitoring public spaces, securing retail stores, and overseeing critical infrastructure.

This vandal resistant camera features a wide-angle lens, allowing them to capture a broader field of view, which can reduce the number of cameras required for a surveillance system. They also act as a deterrence to potential vandals and criminals. Knowing that they are being recorded can discourage illicit activities and improve overall security. Visit our shops for more information.

Designed to be inconspicuous!

Enquire about Uniview easy to install and cost-effective vandal resistant cameras.

The Uniview tamper proof camera is durable and has a long lifespan, making them cost effective and reducing the need for frequent replacements.

These cameras can be integrated into network surveillance systems enabling remote monitoring and control through smartphones, tablets, or computers. This allows for real-time monitoring and easy access to recorded footage. Offer your clients enhanced security and surveillance in high-risk areas. Visit our shops to get the best solution for your clients.

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