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Need help keeping your security system powered up?

Our Upowa 12V 100Ah and 12V 200Ah Gel batteries will get the job done.
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Continuous protection during power outages.

Keeping your clients’ homes and businesses secure.

We at NAT Security would like to help you ensure your clients security systems remain operational during power outages and interruptions.

With our Upowa batteries as a backup, your client’s security systems stay active even when the primary power source fails. This ensures that your client’s home or business remains secure, and critical security features like surveillance cameras, alarms, fences and sensors continue to function. Criminals will always take advantage of power outages. A functional security system with a battery backup can deter such activities, as it remains active and visible.

Uninterrupted monitoring and data protection.

Reliable backup power solutions.

Battery power backups ensure that your client’s security provider can still receive alerts and respond to emergencies even if there’s a power outage.

This is also true for data storage and ensuring data such as video footage, in local or cloud storage remains online, preserving valuable evidence in case of incidents. The Upowa 12V 100Ah and 12V 200Ah Gel batteries offer uninterrupted monitoring and data protection. These batteries are reliable, competitively priced and of superior quality.

Customisation and integration.

Customise the backup power solution to your client’s needs.

NAT Security offers a wide range of Upowa batteries that allows you to tailor the backup solution to the requirements of your client’s security setup.

Our Upowa battery backups can seamlessly integrate with various security components. This integration ensures that all aspects of your client’s security infrastructures remain functional during outages. Come through to our stores in Roodepoort and Klerksdorp and have a chat with our team about providing reliable back-up solutions for your clients.

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