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Introducing an Unbelievable LPR Solution

Quality License Plate Recognition with Provision-ISR.
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Low-light areas in parking lots or home entrances, challenging angles at fuel stations and toll gates or non-standard characters can cause issues in detecting and capturing number plates. However, Provision-ISR Smart Plate cameras recognise a much higher number of automobile plates, with much higher efficiency than conventional LPR systems.
Are you an installer or security provider that uses License Plate Recognition (LPR) cameras? Are you looking for quality LPR cameras that prioritise accuracy and efficiency for your clients? Provision’s range of LPR cameras come with 2MP resolution, motorised varifocal features and recognition distances of up to 26m. These features offer an increased level of accuracy and visibility as compared to other competing brands, which helps control rooms better identify vehicles and the drivers. Talk to us about the full range of LPR cameras options we have available to you.
As South Africa progresses and services become automated, there is a growing demand for improved AI in the automotive-related areas such as gate control, city surveillance, and parking lot management. Provision-ISR technology is backed by over 3 years of LPR analytics research and development, and the brand-new Smart Plate cameras can provide the best results in a variety of environmental conditions. Exceed market expectations with Provision-SR LPR cameras.
We don’t just offer you CCTV cameras and surveillance technology, we also have regular training, so you always get top of the range solutions, and you get to know all the features available to you. 

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