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Highly accurate and easy to install outdoor motion detector

Wireless outdoor bidirectional curtain motion detector
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As a reseller, Distributor, or Installer, you know the importance of highly accurate outdoor motion systems that are quick and easy to install. The Ajax DualCurtain Outdoor motion detector will give you all of this and more. Protect your customers’ property perimeter without creating obstacles for people who are already inside. The two independent optical systems allow you to accurately adjust 30 meters of the detection zone, excluding possible sources of false alarms. Thanks to temperature compensation, detection is always accurate. The ELSA unique software reacts to intruders, screening out triggers like natural interferences and pets. Contact NAT Security for more information on our Ajax range of outdoor motion detectors.

The Ajax DualCurtain outdoor motion detector features a technology to expand the protected area, which is unique among outdoor curtain motion detectors. When Near Area Detection is enabled, the detector’s upper PIR sensor receives an additional narrow viewing sector directed at the angle of 40 degrees down against the main sector. The feature allows both sensors to detect movement when a human crosses the protected perimeter closely to the detector’s body, addressing the problem of the blind spot, which is a typical problem of such detectors. Near Area Detection is designed to protect windows and other passages that animals have no access to. Near Area Detection mode is a patented technology of Ajax Systems. Contact NAT Security for a solution to suit your needs.

The Ajax DualCurtain Outdoor motion detector can’t be unnoticeably blinded or disabled even if it is disarmed. The detector’s optical systems are reinforced with advanced masking sensors that respond to obstacles, covering and painting of lenses. The DualCurtain will not allow an intruder to unnoticeably remove the device from the mounting. Even if the detector is instantly destroyed, it will take the hub less than a minute to detect the loss of communication and inform a central monitoring station and users about the problem. Contact NAT Security for all your security needs.

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