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Affordable and reliable bullet camera with outstanding performance

Provision ISR Bullet Camera
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Enhance security, expand possibilities

Providing reliable and affordable surveillance solutions

In South Africa’s dynamic security landscape, providing reliable surveillance solutions is paramount.

As resellers and distributors in the country, you understand the challenges businesses or homeowners face in safeguarding their premises or homes effectively. From monitoring large industrial sites to securing small retail stores, the need for advanced yet user-friendly surveillance technology is ever-present. Introducing the Provision ISR Bullet Camera 2MP AHD PTZ 4X Optical Zoom – the ultimate solution to your client’s security concerns. Talk to our team and provide solutions that you can be proud of.

Powerful performance, unmatched versatility

Features designed to tackle diverse needs

The Provision ISR Bullet Camera boasts features that are designed to tackle the diverse needs of your clientele.

With its 2-megapixel resolution and 4X optical zoom capabilities, this camera delivers crisp, detailed images even in challenging lighting conditions. Its AHD technology ensures high-definition video transmission over long distances, providing unparalleled clarity in every frame. Whether it’s monitoring vast outdoor areas or capturing intricate details indoors, this camera excels in every scenario, offering unmatched versatility to meet your client’s unique requirements. Contact us to become a trusted provider of innovative security solutions in the South African market.

Seamless integration, simplified management

Hassle-free installations and configurations

Gone are the days of complex surveillance setups that drain time and resources.

The Provision ISR Bullet Camera seamlessly integrates with existing security systems, offering hassle-free installation and configuration. Its intuitive PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) functionality enables remote control and monitoring, empowering your clients to oversee their premises or homes from anywhere, at any time. Moreover, with robust security features built-in, including motion detection and night vision capabilities, you can assure your clients of round-the-clock protection without compromising on simplicity or efficiency. Don’t let security concerns hold your clients back. Offer them the Provision ISR Bullet Camera 2MP AHD PTZ 4X Optical Zoom and elevate their surveillance capabilities to new heights.

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